Deeply Nourishing

IMG_20160529_141257This Deeply Nourishing tea is made from all certified organic and homegrown herbs and flowers. The herbs in this blend are both tonic and adaptogenic helping to ease stress and aid digestion. The star of this blend is the Disk Mayweed. This lovely little flower smells similar to pineapple and has a lovely flavor. It is hard to cultivate Disk Mayweed because it likes to grow in rocky compacted soil so it is not typically something you see offered commercially. When these cone shape flowers are in season I head in the mornings, just as the sun is rising, and clip off the little flower heads one by one. The leaves can cause a bitter brew so I take care to only include the heads of the flowers. Since this herb is so hard to find commercially, this blend is limited to when the herb is in season on my property. Once this current batch sells out it will be gone until next year when the Disk Mayweed comes back in bloom. This is my absolute favorite tea blend and I drink it every day.

Contains: *Disk Mayweed, *Borage flowers, +Oat straw, +Nettles, +Red Clover blossoms, +Orange peel, *Rose petals, *Calendula, *Lavender
* = Homegrown, + = Certified Organic


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