Moon Sister Tea


Moon Sister Tea

This special blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs was created as an everyday tea to help support every stage of women’s monthly cycle.

1tbsp to 1 cup water, steep 15 minuets then enjoy any time of day. Naturally caffeine free.

Our teas are packaged in recycled kraft bags lined with a plant based polymer that that makes them 100% compostable!

Contains: Red Clover(organic), Red Raspberry leaf (wildcrafted), Spearmint (organic), Hibiscus (organic), Nettle (wildcrafted)

How to prepare:
All teas should be steeped at least 15 minuets. For a deeply healing cold drink, boil water, pour over herbs and steep in the light of the moon overnight to enjoy as iced tea the next day.

For a warm, deeply steeped tea, boil the herbs in water at a rolling boil for 10 minuets, strain, and drink. This is called a decoction. This is recommended especially for tea blends that include roots & barks.


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