This natural aluminum free deodorant is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce and won’t harm you. I believe that anything that goes on your skin should be safe enough to go in your body as well. All the ingredients in this deodorant are perfectly safe and nourishing.

Reducing waste is important to us so all of our deodorants are packaged in unbleached wax paper instead of wasteful plastic tubes.

Hold with the wax paper and rub on. Only takes a couple swipes, and will last all day.
If you like, you can soften in the sun then use it to refill your old deodorant container. Will re-solidify when it cools off and go on like normal deodorant.

Keep out of direct sunlight, stays solid in most climates just stored in your cupboard.

In warm climates (indoor temp above 76 degrees) the deodorant will be softer and can be applied by pinching off a small amount and rubbing it into your pits with your fingertips.

Contains: organic extra virgin coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cornstarch, beeswax, organic tea tree oil, and Mandarin essential oil

This 3oz bar should last you many months.


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